PMA has over the year’s ministered in 40 states in the U.S., and 12 different counties, bringing the good news of the GOSPEL. It's imperative to us as an organization that God's WORD is being brought forth through our Chaplains and volunteers and its programs. With over 88 years of experience in Correctional Ministry PMA has seen first-hand the transformation of people’s lives change, from a criminal, drug abuser and violent person to law abiding citizens and productive members, back into society; some have even become chaplains. It’s imperative to us that we give our best to the facility and the inmate population.

Behavior in these areas: spiritual, moral and stability will help to ensure the success rate of individuals as productive members back into society. The correctional Chaplain is three fold: Security and Safety, is first and foremost the most important aspect of his/her role as a chaplain and its security; the second role, the chaplain must act as a liaison between staff personnel and volunteers, assuring all needs are met, from the correctional facility, to its inmate population and to the volunteers; thirdly, the chaplain must be a team player working alongside of staff personnel on a day to day operation. Duties of a Correctional Facility Chaplain include:

  • Providing Worship Services for the inmate population.
  • Providing oversight for other Chaplains and Volunteers at their facility that ALL Religious Services for all faiths are being serviced.
  • Providing religious guidance for the inmate population through regular Bible Studies, and Biblical Advise.
  • Conducts death notifications/emergencies to inmate’s family as is appropriate.
  • Cultivate teachings and principles of brotherly love, justice and fidelity among those incarcerated.
  • Maintaining a good relationship with the Sherriff’s staff members in the jail working with them as part of a team effort.
  • Maintain awareness of personal and facility security. Safeguard equipment and keys. Report security problems as soon as they are observed.
  • Works very closely with other organizations as partnership to help and assist the inmate population on their transition of release or pre-release to a suitable program.

Behind Prison Walls

Jail and prison chaplains serve in an environment that consists of condemned murderers and incorrigible criminals. They are locked in cement buildings with tall, concrete guard towers, behind barbed-wire fences topped with razor wire. They must pass the scrutiny of traffic control officers peering through bulletproof glass windows and speaking through the crackling squawk of voice-distorted speakers. They press the buzzers to release locks on a series of heavy steel gates that clang, slide sideways, and clatter shut again. Not a typical office or job setting. The sense of alienation from the outside world increases when walking down the corridors, the clicking sound of each footstep echoing and bouncing off the concrete walls. It’s a dark place in an atmosphere where the correctional system has little or no hope that these inmates can change.

PMA has seen first-hand the transformation of people’s lives change, from one time a criminal, drug abuser and violent person to law abiding citizens and productive members, back into society. Some of these people have even become chaplains. What better way to reach out to the broken and hurting people, than one who has experienced it themselves.

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Prison Ministry of America (PMA) is a ministry of compassion with a focus on outreach to our community, evangelism and discipleship to the poor in spirit and those experiencing incarceration.

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