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Who are we and what services do we offer the Court

For over a quarter century Prison Ministry of America has offered comprehensive substance abuse and rehabilitation services throughout the Los Angeles basin and surrounding areas. As former chaplain and administrator over inmate services of the Los Angeles County Jail for 20 years, Executive Director and founder of our recovery homes, Mark Maciel designed the homes in order to provide rehabilitation services for defendants referred directly by the courts as a form of alternative sentencing.

A high level of review for the court and its officers

As a matter of routine our staff is trained to work directly with the courts and its officers in order to provide a high level of review for the court. Each of our clients is escorted to all court hearings by a staff member knowledgeable with the client’s most recent history in order to provide relative up to date progress reports and answer any additional questions the court may have. Moreover, between court hearings our staff communicates with a client’s parole or probation officer on a monthly basis to keep them apprised of the clients’ progress or lack thereof. In many cases we have worked directly with both parole and probation officers in an effort to address disciplinary issues before they lead to dismissal. Finally, if for any reason a client leaves or is dismissed from the program prematurely our staff will immediately contact both the court and its officers in order to provide timely information relating to the clients premature departure from the program.

A highly structured living environment

Our recovery homes are restricted residential treatment programs providing direct supervision 24 hours a day. Each client is required to attend court approved Domestic Violence, Anger Management, Narcotics, and Parenting Classes which are incorporated within the program and taught in house by trained staff members. Each resident is required to submit to random drug test. Moreover, residents are not allowed to leave the premises for any reason unless they are escorted by staff and or have prior approval to do so. We do not allow our residents to have cell phones, and we do not allow overnight passes. Residents may receive visits from immediate family members only and are not eligible for a day pass until they have completed 6 months of satisfactory behavior in the program.

A meaningful safe alternative to incarceration

In the past 25 years our recovery homes have become recognized as a safe meaningful alternative to incarceration. In fact, defendants have been ordered into our program for up to 3 years as a means of alternative sentencing, and we are recognized by the courts of Los Angeles County, Florida, New York, New Mexico, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, New Jersey, Nevada, Colorado, and Arizona. Each time the court orders a defendant to enter our program it is with the understanding that we will fully cooperate with the court and its officers in order to provide a safe effective alternative to incarceration.

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Prison Ministry of America (PMA) is a ministry of compassion with a focus on outreach to our community, evangelism and discipleship to the poor in spirit and those experiencing incarceration.

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