Debra Nussaum

Correctional Chaplaincy

At a young age, Debra was drawn into a dark world of drugs, alcohol, and prostitution. For 25 years she was lost in a sea of corruption, in and out of jail and rehab; but each time she found herself returning to the streets and her old habits. The last time she was arrested, Debra started listening to the chaplains who would come to the jail on Tuesday nights. These women had similar stories to hers, and she was amazed at their joy and peace; she wanted it for herself. It was here, through the outreach of a Prison Ministry of America, that Debra came to know Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. Debra’s passion is now to minister to the lost and brokenhearted, sharing how God delivered her from the bondage of her sins. Now Debra is back in jail, but this time it’s for a different purpose. Through her home church Calvary Chapel Downey and PMA she received her chaplaincy and now visits inmates to share with them her story of love and redemption through Christ’s saving grace. In addition to her prison ministries, Debra is a vibrant member of her church, and is the Ministry.

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