Why Testimony Books are Important

One of the great aspects of this ministry is to reach each incarcerated individual in America as well as aboard; first in Jerusalem (in our own backyard) and then Samaria (across the country). The best way to accomplish this goal is through life-changing books, written by men and women whose lives were touched by God and today are transformed by the renewing of God’s grace and mercy.

It was once said to me years ago, by the late Chaplain Ray, “Champ” nothing is more effective than putting one of these life changing testimonial book into the hand of an inmate, it will than lead them to the Word of God. Oh, how right he was…

Allow me to tell you a story… Nothing is more appealing to the incarcerated, than picking up a book that not only has a cover that catches their eye but one that has a story that they themselves can read and relate too.

Such as some of these books, as their lives have been touched:
  • Floyd Hamilton, Public Enemy #1, the last of the Bonnie and Clyde Gang, who died in the 1980’s
  • George Myers – Al Capone’s driver
  • Ted Jefferson - One bad dude
  • Jerry Graham - Where flies down land
  • Jack Murphy - Jewels for the Journey aka Murf the Surf
  • Bob Erler - The Catch Me Killer.

Having read some of these life changing books, they can’t help but grip your attention to God’s long saving GRACE. Bob Erler - super cop from Hollywood Florida, was assigned to his own case, “CATCH ME BEFORE I KILL AGAIN” sentence to 99 ½ years, the survival that Erler lived through in prison is un-believable. After 21 years Bob’s story has been shared through the world, the amazing story of Bob lives today Bob’s a free man serving Jesus, both Bob and his wife Debra are good friends of Patricia and I and of this ministry.

We look forward to a brand NEW BOOK we are working on “From Darkness, Into Light”. The book tells the true stories of ladies who graduated from the House of Esther and are role model(s) TODAY!

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