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Our chaplaincy program began in 2014 with just a few pastors. All of our volunteers unselfishly give their time to support those who wear the badge as well as those impacted by crime or trauma.

LASD Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Mission Statement:
The Objective of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office Law Enforcement Chaplaincy is to use pastors as our volunteer chaplains to provide Spiritual and Emotional care to all LASD personnel, and their families, as well as care to people in the community regardless of their faith.

What’s our purpose:
  • Using Chaplaincy skills to support and care for all LASD employees and Families.
  • Assisting people in the community with Emotional support while accompanying a LASD deputy on patrol.
  • Making Death notifications for the L.A. County.
  • Participating in Critical Incident Stress Debriefings and Peer Support Groups for any Employee of LASD.
  • Recruiting, Training, and developing chaplains in the methods of Law Enforcement assistance.
  • Providing Emotional Support during funerals to LASD Employees and family members.

What our Chaplains do :
  • Patrol Chaplains — Chaplains are require to accompany a deputy on an 8 hour shift every other week. A chaplain’s presence assist deputies and victims with spiritual and emotional care during stressful or traumatic events, such as comforting a victim of a violent crime or calming someone after they have been in an accident. The law enforcement Chaplain is a person with special interest and training for providing pastoral care in a dangerous society of law enforcement.
  • Death Notifications – The Los Angeles County - (LASD) has partner with our chaplaincy program and have made our chaplains available for death notifications. In the past, all notifications were done by phone. Many people die each day from accidents, or a victim of a crime, or from natural causes. A chaplain and a deputy may response together to notify the Next of Kin. Our chaplain’s deliver the news, and help comfort the family through prayer and moral support.
  • Emergency Response – Chaplains are on call 24 hours and seven days a week, making themselves available to handle ALL emergency and crisis, to Law Enforcement and their families, as well as to the community at large.


The objective of Law Enforcement Chaplaincy is to use pastors as our volunteer chaplains to provide spiritual and emotional care to all Los Angeles Sheriffs (LASD) and Police Departments (LAPD). Providing services to personnel, and their families, as well as care for the people of the community regardless of their faith.


After Chaplaincy and course training is completed, Chaplains will then go on to contact Pastor Garry Ansdell to go through Sheriffs Training and a background check. After, proper procedures are done in these areas participants will then apply with credentials for ride-a-Long Chaplaincy with approval from Garry Ansdell.

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